Firm Overview

who we are

LDR Growth Partners (LDR) is a people-focused private equity firm.

Our vision centers on maximizing the potential of people, communities, and businesses through teamwork and the infusion of human and capital resources.

Our mission is to create a new standard for successful North American businesses by aligning growth and infrastructure with optimism and opportunity.

Our values are trust, service, creativity, and discipline.

our history

LDR has built a successful track record of operationally improving companies across a variety of industry sectors.
Founded by three Army Officers; authored personal finance guide for soldiers
Established fee-for-service operating partner client base in the oil & gas, trucking, and various peripheral markets managing strategy and operations
Full partnership team established, launch of LDR’s Management Advisory & Leadership businesses
Formal partnership with international conglomerate announced, focus on building global strategic initiatives and companies
Acquisition of ICON, a leadership & performance coaching platform, merger with LDR’s Leadership business
Formalized approach targeting lower-middle market industrial-focused businesses, acquisition of Whitman Controls
Formal identity of LDR Growth Partners as an investment firm focused on acquiring and scaling industrial & manufacturing companies poised for unique & opportunistic growth and investment opportunities

Our roots are deep in entrepreneurship

We understand the ins and outs of growing a business without compromising its hard-fought legacy.

We invest in products and businesses made in North America

We invest in you, the North American entrepreneur. We profoundly admire what you’ve created and aim to cement your legacy into the future.

Our network is in a class of its own

We leverage our fiercely loyal relationships from all over the world to bolster our partnerships. When you’re with us, you’re with our most-trusted operators, executive leadership development professionals, and advisors.

We place partnership over profits

We are a group of immensely reliable partners who believe trust and transparency lead to long-term sustained profits. We listen attentively, and are thoughtful with our actions.

We invest in companies that care what happens next

Because we care what happens next, and are dedicated to creating a positive impact for your company, your employees, your customers, and your community.

We roll up our sleeves

We love the unique operational challenges of each business we partner with, and dive in headfirst alongside management and employees.


Our partners have consistently complemented our ability to take bold steps in order to achieve impactful results. Our integrity, transparency, and approachability have allowed us to carry out their vision and unlock transformational growth.
LDR is a great sounding board for improving my business and provides insightful feedback. It’s good to have LDR in your corner when your decisions have large consequences.
Scott Boulanger
General Manager
I wanted to share a note and let everyone know what a great team LDR Growth Partners has built. I am proud to be a part of this growing team. Their commitment and drive are second to none!
Dennis Discawicz
General Manager
LDR Growth Partners impressed me immensely with their management style, their guidance and support has always been there in helping me to move Ohio Heat Holdings to the next level. I’m very excited and happy to work with the LDR team.
Prasenjit Ray
General Manager
The breadth and depth of resources that LDR provides are beyond comparison. The opportunities and successes are collectively achieved through teamwork and laser focus.
Bart Townsend
General Manager